At Scully Learning Center, we believe that a life filled with new experiences is a life well lived. Our mission is to provide enriching activities for adults with developmental disabilities, allowing them to safely explore and enjoy their community.

Enriching Activities: Local Adventures Await

We offer a variety of programs designed to expand horizons and teach valuable life skills. Our activities include:

  • Art and Music: Creative sessions that inspire and engage.
  • Hikes and Field Trips: Excursions that encourage exploration and social interaction.
  • Parties and Events: Social gatherings that build community and friendship.

Our farmstead property hosts many of these activities, featuring an organic garden where participants learn to grow crops, which are shared with them and donated to the local food bank. We also have goats, chickens, and ducks that enhance the gardening experience. Popular classes include arts and crafts, cooking, and nutrition, all aimed at fostering personal growth. Every outing is supervised with a minimum 2:1 member-to-volunteer ratio, ensuring safety and individualized attention.