Meet the Scully Family

A retired teacher of 26 years, Paula Scully has always been a champion for personal and academic growth. After her beloved husband Bill died in 2008, she wanted to honor his memory by improving lives. She founded Scully Learning Center as a resource for children and young adults with autism.

Years later, Paula identified a critical unmet need within the Cave Creek, Carefree and North Scottsdale community. Most of the programs available to disabled children in public schools went away once they graduated — yet their desire for friendship and independence remained.

Paula shifted the foundation’s mission from serving kids and teens with autism to helping adults with a wide range of developmental disabilities access the same opportunities they enjoyed in school.

Today, Paula and her family work together to fulfill Bill Scully’s legacy. Inspired by his spirit of generosity, the organization positively impacts both individual members and the entire Cave Creek community.

About Paula Scully

Paula Scully grew up in Phoenix and Mesa with her parents providing a marvelous, adventurous childhood. She earned her BA in Elementary Education and 2 Masters degrees in Science Education and Educational Leadership and Administration from ASU. Paula taught for Cave Creek Unified School District grades 5-8. In her later professional years, she mentored new teachers and provided professional development opportunities.

Paula’s two children, Brady and Genevieve, are her most prized accomplishments.

Paula had the privilege to share her life with Bill Scully. What an adventure! When Bill died, she realized she needed to share his legacy with her community. Scully Learning Center Foundation, founded in 2010, has allowed her the privilege of serving Developmentally Disabled Adults. The Foundation provides enrichment activities of all kinds. The participants and volunteers have become a big happy family. Her next challenge is to build a forever home for our
Scully family to ensure a safe and nurturing future.

Meet The Scully Learning Center Team


Chris Ringhofer, Vice President

I am Chris Ringhofer, a dedicated Real Estate Consultant with a deep-rooted connection to Arizona for the past 25 years. My journey in the luxury sales sector began when I first moved to this vibrant state. Throughout my career, I have consistently excelled, thanks to my innate ability to create meaningful connections and provide exceptional service.

My professional path has led me through various managerial roles, where I’ve successfully built and led teams towards shared objectives. This experience has taught me the importance of collaboration, effective communication, and fostering a cohesive environment to achieve success.

Beyond my professional endeavors, I’ve also been committed to community enrichment. As a volunteer at the Scully Learning Center, I’ve had the privilege of contributing my time and expertise to empower others. Now, I aspire to deepen my involvement and take on a more integral role in bringing Paula Scully’s current goals and vision to fruition.

My approach to board decision-making is marked by innovation and a fresh perspective. I believe that by combining my experience in luxury sales, team leadership, and community engagement, I can offer a unique outlook that will elevate the charity’s mission.

Not only do I talk the talk, but I also walk the walk. My household is a consistent monthly contributor to the foundation, driven by our shared passion to see the Preserving Families House become a reality. I am committed to attending all board meetings, ready to collaborate seamlessly with fellow board members, and equally prepared to work independently to turn this shared vision into tangible results.

In my pursuit of excellence, I am excited about the prospect of joining the board. My dedication, experience, and unwavering commitment to the cause will undoubtedly complement the existing team and help drive the charity’s goals forward.

Thank you for considering me for this meaningful opportunity.

Sherry Henson

Sherry Henson, Secretary
Sherry has over 25 years of management experience in healthcare with a primary focus on the treatment and services for Seriously Mentally Ill adults. Throughout this time, she has served as Director of Residential and Vocational Services, Vice President of Clinical Services and most recently, Vice President of Compliance. Sherry was also responsible for Facility licensing and ensuring that all programs met the requirements for State and Federal funding.

Sherry’s passion has been her work with intellectually and developmentally disabled adults. In the 1980’s, Sherry coached the “Arizona NY Jets” Beep Baseball team and has since continued her volunteer work with Special Olympics Arizona and Special Olympics Palo Verde. She currently facilitates weekly Pet Therapy at the Civitan Foundation Village in Phoenix. Whether it’s a dog, turtle, goat or miniature pony, the unconditional love of the animal-human friendship can help to engage special needs adults who may not otherwise engage with others.

don johnson

Don Johnson, Treasurer
Don Johnson celebrated a 50th wedding anniversary with Evelyn Johnson in December, 2022. They have two children, a son-in-law and a daughter-in-law, one granddaughter and five grandsons. Don and Evelyn have lived in the Carefree, Cave Creek area for twenty-six years now.

Don’s work career spanned forty-eight years with Safeway Inc. in top management positions in Accounting. He attained the position of Controller in the Seattle Division of Safeway and then became Senior Director Financial Reporting with Safeway’s centralized accounting operations in Phoenix, AZ.

Don retired from his long tenure with Safeway in June, 2018. He now enjoys all the free time that retirement affords, but manages to stay very busy with various activities.

Dr Bubba Baloo Dalton

Brady Dalton
Brady Dalton has been a licensed clinical psychologist in Arizona and California for the past 25 years. As an early career psychologist, he worked with clients in a variety of settings and with a wide variety of life stressors and impairments. As a mid-career psychologist Brady serves as the Regional Medical Advisor for Social Security Disability assisting with the adjudicative process of individuals seeking Social Security Disability benefits.

Outside the office Brady is an avid ocean enthusiast with a tremendous love of scuba diving. He lives with his partner and enjoys traveling, doing so at every opportunity. Brady grew up in Cave Creek and was a member of the Key Club. It was here he developed his love for and desire to serve his community. Brady is an advocate for the protection of the mentally and developmentally disabled.

Julie Atheson

Julie Atherson
Julie is currently a resident of Carefree Arizona. She is married and the mother of three grown children. Over the years she has volunteered with many organizations, including Parent Teachers Association, Church groups and GLASA (Great Lakes Adaptive Sports Association) in Illinois. Julie currently volunteers at Foot Hills Caring Corp in Carefree AZ. Julie’s middle child, Gabe, was born blind and with significant developmental delays. She was so happy when she found “family ” at the Scully Learning Center Foundation! In the four years that Julie has been involved, she and her family have made many wonderful new friends. Julie thrilled to be on the board at Scully and looks forward to many new exciting adventures as we build the dream!


Charles Rall
Charles has devoted his life to public service for over 30 years in law enforcement both in NYC and Maricopa County.
He is married to his wonderful wife for 36 years, and they have a son, 33 years old, born with Down Syndrome. Charles and his wife have dedicated their lives to help their son reach his potential, pursue his interests, and network with other families to broaden his experiences. Charles is a leader of the Cave Creek community and a champion advocate for the developmentally disabled who works tirelessly to ensure all members of the Cave Creek community have safe, supportive and nurturing homes.


Pat Rall
Pat retired from New York Tel after 30 years. She had various positions including data entry, balancing statements and office manager. When her son was born with special needs, she knew her family’s priorities would focus on his wellbeing and happiness.
At the time, Pat and her husband lived in NY and were thankful for finding an early intervention program from birth to 5 years old, indicating it was a great start for his development. Throughout the years Pat and her husband networked with other families,
volunteered for various Down Syndrome events and enjoyed family travel. Pat is a fierce advocate for developmentally disabled adults, working tirelessly to ensure Scully Learning Center participants have an exceptional quality of life and appropriate long-term housing.